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  • AIRBUS – Auslieferung A380
  • China Times Hamburg – Airport Promotions
  • Henkel Multan – Guerilla Promotion auf Fachmessen
  • BRIGITTE & Rapunzel – Bundesweites Koop-Marketing bei Wochenmarktpromotions
  • Zeil Galerie – Konsumentenansprache mit Reinholermechanik
  • BAJA 300 POWERDAYS – Gesamtmarketing Motorsportveranstaltung
  • MINIMAX – Betreuung des Messestandes und Messepromotions

Service for international customers.

Scala Marketing offers an English speaking customer service to foreign exhibitors on German trade fairs, congresses and events.

Multilingual hostesses for fairs, congresses and events.

Our personnel have a professional, friendly presence and excellent manners. Our demands are high when it comes to social skills and capacity to work, so you can always rely on getting the personnel you want.

We carefully match our personnel and clients. Based on your wishes, all personnel with the right qualifications and background is individually handpicked from our extensive staff database.

Our staff we have ready for your demands range from professional sales approach to effective product demonstration or promotions to effect a strong trade fair appearance – in English, French, Russian or Chinese language.

Please ask for our offer of service.

Example of tasks:

•    Translations (native speakers)
•    Visitor registration
•    Professional sales approch
•    Effective demonstration of products or services
•    Passing out promotion materials
•    Serving food and refreshments